Science-paper with Input of APERIM´s work group

Researchers from the Netherlands Cancer Institute and University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital show that even if one’s own immune cells cannot recognize and fight their tumors, someone else’s immune cells might. Their proof of principle study was published in the journal Science on May 19th.

The published data show that adding mutated DNA from cancer cells into immune stimulating cells from healthy donors create an immune response by the healthy immune cells. By inserting the tumor cell recognition elements from the donor immune cells back into the immune cells of the cancer patients, the researchers were able to make cancer patients’ own immune cells recognize cancer cells.

The APERIM work group of the Netherlands Cancer Institute contributed with first project results to this remarkable study. Within APERIM, Ton Schumacher aims to further investigate the role of tumor-specific mutations and the resulting neo-antigens as targets for immunotherapy, both to be able to predict T-cell reactivity and to find ways to enhance neo-antigen specific T cell immunity in cancer patients.


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Ton Schumacher
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The Netherlands Cancer Institute
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