“Austrian Platform for Precision Oncology” receives national funding

The Medical University of Innsbruck further expands its facilities for precision cancer.

The establishment of an accurate infrastructure for precision oncology is a major challenge for research organizations and clinics, as expertise and high-end equipment are required in various fields such as laboratory diagnostics, oncology, cellular and molecular biology as well as bioinformatics. Three Austrian medical universities in Innsbruck, Graz and Vienna have therefore bundled complementary expertise aiming to develop an Austrian platform for precision oncology.

The platform contains three components: (1) molecular characterization with next generation sequencing and T cell receptor sequencing, (2) cellular phenotyping for the determination of immune infiltrates, and (3) functional diagnostics with 3D cell culture and CRISP / Cas9 technology. “This nationwide initiative will accelerate the implementation of precision-oncology and enable the standardization of clinical procedures,” explains Zlatko Trajanoski, who is also responsible for this project, which is funded with 1.5 million € over a five-year period.